Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How I met Boyfriend.

There are so many websites where people can meet each other, but in my case Twitter happened to be the beginning of our relationship. Ahem, one-sided relationship.What should I do? How to inform this guy that I exist and already need him so much? Leave a clever and witty comment so that he notices? Or maybe tell him that he is cute? It'll be so stupid.. But so me, yay! (^-^ )/ I don't know how, but it worked. Maybe it's because I finally said something clever and witty too. 

I recall asking him about his favorite places in St. Petersburg where I was going with my class, because school excursions suck anyway. Then, I asked him about films, we started discussing them. He asked and I wrote a-hundred-facts-about-myself post for him. And then...

I understood, that I've never in my life met anyone not from my school. Especially from the internet. Especially a guy. Especially a guy in his twenties. Twenty six-ies. How could you, Maki?

Well, I tried not to think about it; setting out I brought my mp3 with me which had to help. However, the closer I came up to the meeting place, the more I went weak at the knees. When it was time to get out from the underground I began to hear the heartbeat.

I had already freaked out when I realize, that he isn't here yet. Hmm.. ok, no problem. I climbed on the pretty granite fence and started to wait..

All this time I was listening to a single song on repeat and began turning into a zombie. Actually I was pretending being a zombie all the next days (look, I just came up with the idea that it was all your fault, boyfriend).

I was still waiting, because he was texting me, that he is on his way stuck in the traffic jam. Then, he decided to call which freaked me out again.

 Finally, I saw how he literally jumped out of nowhere and began to circle around the monument. Meanwhile, I was observing from the fence trembling and being a zombie.

I was trying so hard, but I can't remember saying a word to him during that day. Except of a gloomy remark about how he doesn't appreciate his life in Tokyo. Well done, isn't it? :/

He took me to the book store, then, to the concert hall (I don't remember what we was listening to, because.. you'll understand).

Though, I remember holding his pocket with his books while he was trying to catch a taxi.

We drove to my house where the date should have ended, but not the way we both could have  expected. He tried to kiss me, but I buried my head in his chest. Pretty embarrassing huh.

That night I tried to make sense out of what happened. I was so confused.
We met again the next day after school and he was like "heey hello *meeting kiss*" and I was like *bam!*
(left right left right)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I wood never leaf you.

just a picture inspired by my granny.

I have a list (I have a thousand of lists. I love to make lists. Everything should be cute and listed.) of words with funny/strange etymology which I illustrate from time to time. And now I have enough words/illustrations to show.

Just what I imagine every time I hear that word.
It's me btw, except I'm not even a flower.
I'll never understand if there is
another exсuse for that etymology.
Does it make sense?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mermaids overload.

I watched Mermaids the other day and now I feel like "how could I put it off for so long? It's almost as great as "Lawn Dogs"!" Here are some of my favorite scenes:

As for me, I began to mistrust God when I was like 10 and my Dad gave me a children's bible. After reading a few Old Testament stories I was in almost in the same mood as when my Mum decided to confess that there is no such thing in the world like a selfless fat old man riding a herd of magic deer. I locked myself in the lavatory and cried. It was New Year Eve. Was my Mum tormented by her conscience? Or she just ran out of money which is more likely the truth? Anyway, I felt bad. And I felt the same way when I read the bible stories. I came to my Mum and whispered: "What do you take me for?". But when I grew up a little I had a period when I felt very shy and diffident, so when I succeeded in something I used to repeat "Oh, thanks God, I succeeded!" a lot, believing in what i say, without an idea that it can be a merit of my own. I feel better now though. Thanks to my a-little-more-than-necessary religious granny who makes me feel like I'm in a stupid comedy when she starts speaking about Jesus. I'm really sorry, Charlotte. It's all the grown-ups' fault.

RiverIsland dress, pink tight and knee-high socks from somewhere in Akihabara, sunglasses from Koenji, pink rabbit by ZaraHome Kids.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A bad memory.

Hello there.

It was already night when we got home (as usual). I honestly don't remember what happened, but by the time we reached the appartment I became very upset and started to cry, so I rushed out to the staircase which was located outside the building.

After I got bored to cry, I decided to return to Boyfriend and show him how bad he was! But huh.. Not so easy, Maki. GET THIS:

☆ The door has shut.
It started to rain.
☆ There was nothing on my feet but my socks.

The only way to get back was to go down the stairs, then to get around the building to its front entrance. And whoa, I had no keys. And whoa whoa, all this was happening in Akihabara (FYI: it's one of the famous districts in Tokyo).

What would you've done if you were me? I had a plan, though. First of all, I was up to knocking the heavy steel locked door in hope, that, you know, Somebody will hear me. I failed on this step. Then, I was going to take all the trip down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo.. stairs, then jump from puddle to puddle to the main street where I should stay and wait utill somebody enters the door. 

Oh, Maki, how do you still live on this planet, what is your secret? You're such a loser!
NO I'M NOT! You want to know why? The back door two floors downstairs was opened haha.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

-I think, it's zombies! -Hiide! -Oh, no, it's just grown-ups.-Hiiiiiide!

Every time I start writing a new post I think: "This time I should write something that at least makes sense. ... Meeh."

I feel lost lately, because, you know, strange bad things happen. There are the stickers on my face and this is how I'm going to escape from the problems and who are you to judge me!

Anyway, I want to show you my weird drawings and introduce my recent best friends. 

Here are drawings-wallpapers:
[Feel free to use, but I need feedback.]

 Batwoman in Superman's costume,
Batwoman in Catwoman's costume,
    Batwoman in Batwoman's costume and
  Batwoman in Spiderman's costume.

The Wild West. Insert some rabbits.

And here are the friends:
Well, you've already met the dinosaurs, but now you know, how much I appreciate them. Especially, the diplodocus. Guess, who of them is the diplodocus.


My biggest backpack shark I bought in Harajuku, DokiDoki 6% where I met famous Yuka and Vani. I wanted to take a picture with them, but I was too shy, so I began nagging Boyfriend, but in the next 5 minutes OMG YUKA CAME TO US BY HERSELF AND ASKED IF SHE COULD TAKE A PICTURE OF ME. I glanced at Boyfriend and he asked her the same in return.

My sweater shark we brought with my Mum at the fair this autumn. The shark in the upper right corner is a rattle, but who cares. I recall, how I went to my aunt to visit her baby and brought my rattle shark with me, so, she thought, I wanted to gave it to her toddler, but OH NO IT'S MY RATTLE. DON'T ASK ME ANYTHING.

And the last but not least part of my collection is the creepy little blue thing which I sew myself. Actually, it's a hammerhead shark, but I know you guys got it already.

Now, meet my new ceramic lustrous friend! He is pretty heavy and it's hard to move around the apartment with him in my hands and I'm afraid to break him while asleep. As you can see, he is one of the hard-to-get-along-with guys.

I tried to draw his portrait. Because I love him.

And here I tried to draw Boyfriend's portrait. Because I love him too.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Forgive the kids, for they don't know how to live.

Yesterday was like:

I love dinosaurs (you very likely know that already). When there is nothing interesting in the stores, I have no choice but to go to ELC (yeah, baby's toys store) and stare at the showcases. 

Two months ago, I noticed there a pretty awesome 6$-rubber-dinosaurs set and crushed on it right away, but I had no money (anybody surprised?). Then I got money, but the seller had no change. Finally, when we were coming back from the market, I accidentally remembered that there is an ELC store on our way home Muuuum! And now, guess who is the lucky-ducky owner of these rubber creepies? Guess who is a weirdo here? Lucky day.

Anyway, I wanted to write about my fears. I had all of them when I went to kindergarten and I still have all of them. I'm sure, this is because I didn't complete that psych experiment, when we all had to draw our biggest fear and then rip it apart. I refused to rip it apart. I felt sorry for my drawing and secretly took it home, trying to avoid suspicion:

"Aren't you gonna rip it and throw it away like we supposed to do? Look, here is mine. So, where is yours then?"
"It's here, inside my fists. "
"But I can't see anything!"

(I don't think I said the last part; I wasn't that kind of kid. More likely, I nervously tried to assure the girl and  ran away when she got distracted by something.)

Me scared of the dark in the middle of a field.

And here are my TOP 4 fears . From kindergarten till now:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Be Yumi Yoshimido.

"-Two days ago, you wanted to kill me.
-Teenagers are like that. They can't make up their minds. They cry for no reason."

It's Monday! Depressing, I guess? Not at all when you're homeschooled. Sorry.

In one of the recent posts I mentioned that there are a lot of characters who are very important to me, who influenced me a lot and which are also just.. great. I think, fictional characters inspire and influence me much more then people do.

Honestly, I was confused a little, when I could find only couple of high quality photos of Yumi Yoshimido, the protagonist of "Wasabi", one of my favorite movies (8/10, I think). First time I watched the film at the age of 11 or so, I was so inspired by Yumi and her clothes, I wanted just every dress she was wearing. When I was 14, my wardrobe consisted of one pair of red trews, two or three pairs of jeans and a big pile of funny T-shirts, especially those with monsters. I have been collecting shirts with monsters. I've been collecting everything with monsters when I was 14.

 But then, I chose grey and black (especially black) as the main colors of my wardrobe and plunged into a depression which sucked. However, now it's so last year and I'm feeling better again, so don't worry.

Her skirts look awesome and so do tops. And a haircut.
Sweater by D&G Junior; Black mini skirt by Nike; Tights from Calzedonia; Top is an Indian hand-made dress; Panda bag and polka dot skirt from CandyStripper, Harajuku. And the awesome sock is from AvantGarde, Harajuku

Did you, so far, noticed her necklace? Well, let's see what I can do with it..

Red Hat! I guess, you can't see the details, but there are a french baguette and a bottle of champagne in her basket. Boyfriend gave it to me :) Sooth to say, I love my necklace even more than Yumi's. 

Yumi with her Daddy (^-^)/
Look at her bedroom! She has one of the most awesome bedrooms ever. When I'll live in my own house (I will! I will!), I'll occupy one of the rooms to transform it into a teenage bedroom which won't act as a bedroom, actually, but some kind of a shelter, a place where I can hide and read or draw or DO BLOGGING, because I've never had my own room. I mean, I always hated that space called "my room". It was the only room in the whole apartment which was furnished with old ugly beds and wardrobes from father's ruined office. I shared it with my great granny, so it wasn't even completely mine. I remember how I drew room layouts one after another, but not a single was accepted by my mum. Now I. Just. Hate. It. I no longer have any desire to decorate it with.. stuff, or transform it into a masterpiece somehow. I think, it's one of the worst things you could do to me, Mum. :(

-Maybe I'll change the wallpaper. What do you think?
-Why not? A forest scene, deer..
-And some bunny rabbits too?! I was thinking more of a giant nuclear mushroom cloud with lots of tiny people dancing to techno.

P.S. Dressing up in J-street-style I always find myself an ice-cream, you know.. Hadn't you ever have the same feeling?