Friday, February 7, 2014

Graham Ovenden

I am aware, that most of you already know all the artists I write about, but I'm only 18, ok. I started this blog not so long ago and I want to write about everyone who plays an important role in my life. Who taught me something, who inspired me. Some of these people I knew for years, some of them for weeks, and some of them I might learnt about just yesterday. It doesn't really matter when, what matters is a moment. Boom and you're impressed for life.

That's why I'm writing about Graham Ovenden now. He's the most famous artist who painted/photographed girls in the world whose artworks were exhibited in the world most famous museums, the one who started it all, the father. He's also one of my role models. Of course, charged in pedophilia, sentenced, jailed (in October 2013) etc. 

I've read at least 9 articles about his case + everything on the subject here, on the artist on trial blog written by Bruce Wagner. What happened with Graham Ovenden, all these trials.. it's just horrible, I hate English Court of Appeal judges, I hate policemen, I hate yellow press, I hate TATE (they deleted all his works from their website, which says a lot about them).

Just listen to them judges:
"The girls had no understanding at that time of the true purpose behind what [Graham Ovenden] was doing, a purpose that was undoubtedly sexual. There can be no doubt that at that time [Graham Ovenden] had a sexual interest in children."
"Graham Ovenden committed terrible sexual offences against vulnerable young girls who were in his charge and ought to have felt safe. He manipulated them and abused his position of trust." 
"They were being used." 
"[The girls] had no understanding of the true purpose behind what Ovenden was doing."
"Very serious impact on the victims, magnified by the way in which he had grossly manipulated them and degraded them by the photographs he had taken."
"But how does one know an artist’s true intention? I certainly do not know what Ovenden had in mind," says Sewell.. 

Ok. For those who didn't follow the GO case, he was accused of:
  • putting his penis in a girl's mouth, while she was blindfolded. lie
  • asking a girl to wash his "John Tomas". lie
  • grabbing a girls breasts through her clothes. lie
  • "indecently" taking photographs of girls (not taking "indecent photos"!) including: undressing girls, blindfolding them with tape, making them to take uncomfortable poses etc. lie lie lie
1. The first accusation was disbelieved and dropped by the jury. 
2. Graham Ovenden denied the second one(and all the other accusations obv), there were clear evidence that it never happened, but even if it did happen, there were no crime to be charged of. The accusation wasn't even about touching a girl!
3. There was evidence that it never happened as well. The girl came to the artist herself, asking to photograph her naked. The photo was then published in one of his books. Later she said, she didn't remember it. But "her insouciant facial expression and open pose are not those of a girl who had to fight off an attack by the photographer not long before the photo session."

4. All the photos were taken with permission of girls and their parents, and the girls were never made to take any poses (they confirmed it themselves earlier in the '90s). He never used tape to blindfold the girls either. Only white cloth, as he wanted to make his own version of a blind victorian child. Moreover, the "blindfolded" girl was never fully naked or left alone with the artist.

Actually, everything was ok back in the '90s. The truth was spoken, the evidence was shown:
  • I have known Graham Ovenden as a family friend for fourteen years - since I was four years old. I have modeled for Graham on numerous occasions - in fact, too numerous to count - for both his photographs and paintings. I have modeled for him both clothed and fully nude, both alone and with other children.... The portrait which the United States has charged as indecent is a portrait of me as I was eight years ago. I am not acting in a sexual way in the picture and Graham never asked me to sexual or treated me as a sexual object. The accusation that the image is "obscene" is, to me, an accusation that I am 'obscene,' something to which I take offense.
  • I decline the idea that any of the images of myself are indecent and emphatically state that I was never abused, or photographed/drawn by coercion."
..but it all went wrong in the 2013.

The girls started to give false testimony (one of them was heard speaking with GB ex-wife about "how they would get him"), they were offered money, coached by policemen, and one of the girls was convinced that the artist made something wrong with her, as she started to truly believe in it in the end (or it seemed so). 
"One can also sense just how deeply Model X was manipulated by the police. The Attorney General notes that in her victim impact statement, taken in 2013, Model X said that “giving evidence had been the worst experience of her life”."
Anyway, it all looks more like the girls were mistreated by police, than by Ovender.
"Cottle said it was only as adults that some of Ovenden's victims had realised they had "been taken advantage of as innocent young children by a man who was pursing his sexual interest"."
They realised! At the age of forty fucking something. I hate you, modern society. It's all in your heads, a man didn't do anything, and nobody even had a claim about anything until YOU said that something is wrong with them. People go to jail because of your mentally damaged brains. Listen to yourselves, you!

Now, a word goes to Graham Ovenden Himself, one of the greatest artists in our history. He was perfect back then (as he's now):
"It makes one wonder what's going on in this country that people can think that. It's quite embarrassing."  
"One of my paintings sold well at auction three weeks ago. It hasn't buggered up my market at all. But I don't wish to go to prison."  
"If Christ was to walk this Earth again and utter those quite wonderful words, 'Suffer little children to come unto me', he would probably be arrested as a pedophile and crucified."
Now listen, I want to make it clear, and this is v important, that I'll never try to advocate any kind of rapists or any other kinds of criminals. Crime is crime, and rapists must be tortured. However, when it's obvious that there was neither crime nor victims at the first place, that the whole thing is corrupted, I'll always stand up for innocents, even if nobody ever reads this, because it's just a matter of principle.


  1. I agree completely with your article. The trial of Graham Ovenden was a travesty of justice. His paintings are wonderful, but are now removed from the National Galleries - the Tate - where they were hung previously. I have decided against posting any of his artwork on my tumblr because I too am in the U.K., and suspect I will be charged for possessing and publishing indecent images of children if I do this. Of course children need to be protected, but this the prosecution of Ovenden is not protection it is persecution. Thank you for posting this.

  2. You people are f#ckn sick to think images like this is Art!!!. I cant wait for the rapture so i can get out of this sick world we live in with you evil demonic humans. I'll pray for your soul p.s these "parents" ok with this are breed to have babies specific for this they are brain washed pedo's themselves! Do research instead of wasting your life looking at naked children!!!