i'm an introvert. i'm a misanthrope. i'm a libertarian. i'm a girl.

A n a s t a s i a   /   M a k i 
english: fluent
japanese: elementary

i just opened my info page which i wrote when i just made this blog, and realized that it doesn't make any sense (it's cute though). so, here's a normal one:
i was born in 1995 in russia and lived in moscow utill i turned 17. when i was 16, i met M. online and he took me to tokyo where he lived at that moment. last year of high school i went homeschooling and when i graduated, i moved to japan where we lived together with M. for almost a year. 
he showed me japan (even okinawa!), vietnam, georgia, bhutan, fiji, chile. and I, in my turn, showed him how difficult girls can be. 
now, we live in new zealand where i'm doing bachelor in fine arts and M. majors in political science (update: M studies in the film school now!). 
this blog was meant to be a place where i can write something longer than a tumblr post (about artists i like, favorite movies, girls, guns, whatever else). 
however, GIRLS is my favorite topic (which i highly recommend to check). so yeah, enjoy your stay!
if anything, you can always message me here or send me an email here.

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