Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How I met Boyfriend.

There are so many websites where people can meet each other, but in my case Twitter happened to be the beginning of our relationship. Ahem, one-sided relationship.What should I do? How to inform this guy that I exist and already need him so much? Leave a clever and witty comment so that he notices? Or maybe tell him that he is cute? It'll be so stupid.. But so me, yay! (^-^ )/ I don't know how, but it worked. Maybe it's because I finally said something clever and witty too. 

I recall asking him about his favorite places in St. Petersburg where I was going with my class, because school excursions suck anyway. Then, I asked him about films, we started discussing them. He asked and I wrote a-hundred-facts-about-myself post for him. And then...

I understood, that I've never in my life met anyone not from my school. Especially from the internet. Especially a guy. Especially a guy in his twenties. Twenty six-ies. How could you, Maki?

Well, I tried not to think about it; setting out I brought my mp3 with me which had to help. However, the closer I came up to the meeting place, the more I went weak at the knees. When it was time to get out from the underground I began to hear the heartbeat.

I had already freaked out when I realize, that he isn't here yet. Hmm.. ok, no problem. I climbed on the pretty granite fence and started to wait..

All this time I was listening to a single song on repeat and began turning into a zombie. Actually I was pretending being a zombie all the next days (look, I just came up with the idea that it was all your fault, boyfriend).

I was still waiting, because he was texting me, that he is on his way stuck in the traffic jam. Then, he decided to call which freaked me out again.

 Finally, I saw how he literally jumped out of nowhere and began to circle around the monument. Meanwhile, I was observing from the fence trembling and being a zombie.

I was trying so hard, but I can't remember saying a word to him during that day. Except of a gloomy remark about how he doesn't appreciate his life in Tokyo. Well done, isn't it? :/

He took me to the book store, then, to the concert hall (I don't remember what we was listening to, because.. you'll understand).

Though, I remember holding his pocket with his books while he was trying to catch a taxi.

We drove to my house where the date should have ended, but not the way we both could have  expected. He tried to kiss me, but I buried my head in his chest. Pretty embarrassing huh.

That night I tried to make sense out of what happened. I was so confused.
We met again the next day after school and he was like "heey hello *meeting kiss*" and I was like *bam!*
(left right left right)

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