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Towns traveller.

Boyfriend teaches me how to call
really fat Japanese guys.

I was browsing through the photos I took last summer despite from the fact that I shouldn't do that because I immediately start to think of writing about each and every of them, fail, than become upset. Fortunately(?), this time around there are lots of things to be upset about, so.. I wrap my frustration left and I start my story.

Besides Tokyo we've visited 5 more cities and towns (excluding Okinawa (the number of visited places is counted in islands there :) ). It's easier to do because towns and cities here are very close to each other. For instance, it takes half an hour to get to Yokohama. By metro. So sometimes, all you need is to take a kind-of-metro-train. It gave Boyfriend a chance not to be lazy to show me some famous places like Kamakura, Nikko, Kanazawa, Kyoto and Osaka (to visit the last three you should take an electric-train or a high-speed train). 


One Sunday morning (actually, for some reasons, it was no longer morning) we left for Kamakura to meet Big Buddha who makes this town kind of worth-to-see. First thing we saw after we arrived in Kamakura was a big map on the way out of the station. The road to the BB was highlighted in red and was named “a hiking road”.

It would be logical if it was a shortcut or smth, but.. NO IT WAS NOT. It turned out to be a way through the thicket and steep hills which took us approx an hour to wade them. Also, we caught in the rain when there was no store or any kind of roof nearby. When we finally noticed a god-blessed  convenience store it was too late to buy an umbrella as we were already thoroughly soaked. But we entered anyway.

We were sitting in the store’s cafe while rain was pounding against the glass like in my childhood dreams. I've often imagined that I was a great traveller when my Mum drove me to an adjacent town to visit my Granny. We stopped at the gas stations and I bought tea and collected the tea bag tags.

- And now you are travelling Japan this way.
- … thank you, Boyfriend.


Not a single holy ghost was detected.

The same day, we were snapped by a Japanese student girl who was working on her uni project. She said she liked our clothes and gave us the scraps of paper where we had to write our favorite places in Tokyo. Then, she took some pictures.

A train
with just the awesomest list of stops. 


The next town we visited was Nikko, a place famous for the three see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil monkeys which you know about at least from your emoji keyboard. Also, Nikko is known as the most beautiful town in the whole Japan as there is a complex of the amazing shrines in the forest high in the hills. You know..

Never say 'kekko' until you've seen Nikko 

kekko = beautiful
..and stuff.

Anyway, I just looked through the pictures I took in Nikko again and understood that there is not so much at-least-somehow-informative pictures in my collection. Except maybe, this guy:

..and this torii in the middle of the thicket (it looked very powerful in real live):

I have a picture of a strawberry lemonade, though!

.. a picture of me starring sullenly at Boyfriend..

.. a picture of me standing next to Boyfriend..

.. a picture of me riding a Shinkansen:

.. and a picture of my eye-bow taken by Boyfriend for whatever reason:

Ehh.. I AM SORRY. So, I post this link for you to look at some much informative pictures of Nikko. By the way, you can blame Boyfriend too because he took a lot of pictures of the shrines with his super-camera, but what he didn't do is edit and share them :<


When I was on my way to Japan I was nervous about the sakura blooming season. Will I have time to watch it or will the trees already fade? Will I catch the leaves falling down from the sakura trees like the snowflakes? Ughh.. Although, when I finally arrived to Tokyo sakura started to fade, Boyfriend decided to take me to Kanazawa where the blooming season has just begun (Kanazawa is located north of Tokyo).

 We're halfway to Kanazawa

Compared to Nikko and Kamakura, Kanazawa is pretty far from Tokyo. It took us more than four hours to get there but it didn't matter. There was sakura and it was blooming in the most awesomest way I could barely imagine. And it was everywhere. Along the rivers..

..and the roads.. was even stuck to a taxicab windows ^-^

Also, there were special seasonal drinks at the stores:

But the trip ended with the awful weather with a thunderstorm so, we had to leave Kanazawa the day before we supposed to at the first place. But our train stuck in the middle of nowhere and the announcement said that it even may not reach Tokyo at all. All the passengers who wanted to return home but happened to live in Tokyo were FUCKED UP. There was only way to do it - to return to Kanazawa and buy a new ticket to a train with another THE LONGEST-EVER-IMAGINED route. Finally, we spent t e n  h o u r s changing the trains mehh.. 


Well, I suddenly run out of words but no worries here, I still have a drawing to show. It should be named as "When I'm bored, I'm bored":

I draw it during my Japanese classes.

You just read a long and dull post of mine. Ok, bye.

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