Saturday, February 2, 2013

A pink wig.

I guess it's time to explain my two-days-ago reckless behavior. I mean, why did I dress up so weird at the middle of the day and begin making faces for no reason?

Well, it was a fairly ordinary morning: no sun outside, no mum inside. So, I decided to pretend that I'm a very busy teen (as usual) and started to work on my blog (and guess, what happened).

Generally, I need an utter silence to concentrate on subject, but not while I'm writing to my blog. I turned on music. And than, THIS DID HAPPEN.

Every time it starts playing I begin to sing along. However, this time it made me so excited, that I hurried up to put on my pink wig. And fake glasses. And I also took a camera. Shame-y shame.

You didn't get it, did you?(

Now, I guess, I need to divert your attention from what you just saw immediately. OH HEY the cat's skeleton! (Now it looks like I don't change clothes at all.)

I do! It's just my favorite sweater. Honestly speaking, I really can't change it this couple days, because we are packing, that is we've already packed, so I have no access to my clothes anymore - they are all inside the boxes and sharks.

Anyway, I hope this outrageous breach of all limits won't last soon, because, you know.. I will not be subjected to criminal abuse!

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