Saturday, February 9, 2013

Forgive the kids, for they don't know how to live.

Yesterday was like:

I love dinosaurs (you very likely know that already). When there is nothing interesting in the stores, I have no choice but to go to ELC (yeah, baby's toys store) and stare at the showcases. 

Two months ago, I noticed there a pretty awesome 6$-rubber-dinosaurs set and crushed on it right away, but I had no money (anybody surprised?). Then I got money, but the seller had no change. Finally, when we were coming back from the market, I accidentally remembered that there is an ELC store on our way home Muuuum! And now, guess who is the lucky-ducky owner of these rubber creepies? Guess who is a weirdo here? Lucky day.

Anyway, I wanted to write about my fears. I had all of them when I went to kindergarten and I still have all of them. I'm sure, this is because I didn't complete that psych experiment, when we all had to draw our biggest fear and then rip it apart. I refused to rip it apart. I felt sorry for my drawing and secretly took it home, trying to avoid suspicion:

"Aren't you gonna rip it and throw it away like we supposed to do? Look, here is mine. So, where is yours then?"
"It's here, inside my fists. "
"But I can't see anything!"

(I don't think I said the last part; I wasn't that kind of kid. More likely, I nervously tried to assure the girl and  ran away when she got distracted by something.)

Me scared of the dark in the middle of a field.

And here are my TOP 4 fears . From kindergarten till now:

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