Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sports classes.

Whenever I get bored with my sports club I start lurking the internet for another one hoping it will be better. There should be at least one with all the stuff I need! The pool with pet sharks, some dinosaurs in latex pants and with cool headbands on their cool green heads, free fruits for everyone! No? Than, I guess something not too expensive but with good service would be nice.
This time I found a really good one not far away from my house. It's all with big panorama windows overlooking the skyscrapers with free drinking water for everyone! Yay. Well, yeah, it's still miserable in comparison with pet sharks and free fruits, but I tried my best. 
P.S. It's pretty cheap, so it's not that bad.)

My last experience dealing with the sports club was in Tokyo last summer. But for this time I had to arrange all the things by myself without help from my boyfriend. That's what scared me. New place. People. No help. No boyfriend nearby.

When I came to the club trying to look brave I was stopped by the staff who was doubt wether I'm already 16 or not. I was led to the manager and had to convince her too that I am already 17 and a half. When situations like this happen I begin to feel unsure how old I really am.

The classes start according to the schedule and that's when the hardest part starts. When the door opens you'd better hurry up to reach the farest corner of that big big room to claim all the equipment you need while there is any left. So, here I come naively examining all these green-red-blue dumbbells, choosing a mat and the most bouncy ball when finally I decide to take a spot:

But it's not that bad again. You should just be sneaky next time. As for me, I would have chosen this place anyway.

Also, I found out that no matter whether your sports club situated in Tokyo or in Moscow there always will be one little muscular granny with a strange puffy haircut in you group.

And somewhen you will enjoy your green or maybe even red dumbbell when you decide to look around the class and you'll have to stare at her:

And somehow she will always be more flexible than you are!

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