Monday, August 5, 2013

Beginner's mind

Let's go straight to the point. You know what is common between Boyfriend and a laptop? Probably, you don't. Well, the thing is they both hate coffee which disappoints me a lot. I really NEED like coffee and drink it every day but both my favorite guys can't (well, one of them couldn't. Rest in peace, mac) stand it at all. The one and only difference is that I can't hurt Boyfriend with my coffee-love (well, physically at least) but I can't tell this about my mac. 

After a first cup of coffee, I had to replace the front panel to completely new one (there were no longer Russian letters on it so I learned to touch-type). A second cup killed several keys and also a touch pad. I got a computer mouse. Later, coffee killed the mouse too. It was the end. I had to bury my dead mac sell it for parts almost for nothing. 

My mac wasn't the only friend who died by my unfortunate hand. I remember, how I tried to teach a mouse to swim when I was 7 or smth..

I spent my summer days at my grandparents' country house when our cat Muusya started to bring us mice. She carried them home one by one and played with them with her paws. The mice were almost killed but still alive which made it funnier to my cat enjoy the game. YUCK! I was like: "Give me that mouse you bustard!"

So, I took one mouse from the cat and decided to pet it. You probably think why not to just pet your kitty instead. Well, I love animals very much. Even VERY much. And cats are this type of animals which doesn't appreciate this enthusiastic kid love. And Maki don't like it when somebody don't like her. So, I need somebody to switch my love to. A half-dead mouse suited just fine. I even made a portable house for it! With a few blades of grass and some dirt. At first, everything was alright: the sun was shining, the mouse behaved well but then.. an idea crawled to my retarded mind.

Why not to teach a mouse how to swim? 
Just like that. Like why not, right?

It never learned, if you couldn't tell. Instead, it floated upside down after a few seconds of trying.

Responsibility was the hardest thing for me to learn from the very begining. All these plants, animals, computers.. I floated upside down in my attempts to learn how to be responsible just like that poor little mouse did (only, I am not inside the handmade cave). 

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