Monday, March 25, 2013

She is Maki, eager for fun. She wears a smile, everybody run.

The picture of me drawing in the train
which I drew in the train, because nothing better
 could come to my mind.

Uhh.. ghm I know, I didn't blog much recently.. Well, I didn't blog at all these days, but that is because there were some difficulties with the Internet I've been such a lazy Maki! Sorry.

Also, I was out of town and even out of country. I saw the sea! I go to see it every year actually, but last years I feel like "this time will be the last one". 

You see the color? Even after that they call it the Black Sea. By the way, this is my favorite moment:; I like the way the railroad turns, so you can see nothing but sea from the both sides of the train with the games of swans swimming around. Four days after we arrived we came to the beach to feed the birdies. 

My mum being awesome capturing the moment:

Ok, I have a better picture. Or do I?

Well yeah, I definitely have a good photo. You know why? Because this time the camera was in  my  hands!

Oh oh and I was happy to find the boat named "Doll", though to you it might seem more like "KYK/\A" 
([kukla]), but  it means nothing but "doll", only in Russian. I think, it's one of the best ways to name the boat.

Ha, and I also have a picture from an old old pharmacy, that is still in business today and has some kind of  an exhibition in one of its corners. I have a crash on the old tin boxes and cookie jars and cute pharmacy glass bottles.

Well I guess, nothing else have happened so far, except that I was mocked by a cackle of human females, as I was on my way home pretending being a big pink grizzly inside of my eared vest. Also, I drew a lot of stupid things and tried to figure out how I'll be hitchhiking in the outer space when I grow up a little. Are you ready to take care of me in the outer space, Boyfriend?


  1. This is so cute, sounds like a fun time at the seashore! Whenever I take a train anywhere, I get so bored...


  2. Love your blog! just follwed you on bloglovin
    much love