Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tokyo calling.

Hello-hello! It's April already and I see nothing but snow outside the window, isn't it great?


I haven't been writing during the week again, but this time my laziness wasn't the reason. This time, it was a real workload that was distracting me from blogging the whole week. I had to draw a header for a website, design a logo for a firm, make some sketches of the honey-cakes and come up with the design for the packages. I haven't done half of it yet! However, I can't stay away from my blog any longer, I have some drawings to show and some pictures to share. For instance, here is me in front of Candy shop somewhere near Harajuku.

Btw, this is me inside of that store with a candy in my hands, whoa what a moment!

And here is me investigating Harajuku stores.

...and some pillars.

..and some wires. Time to crawl to school!

Also, I was looking through the photos that I took during my last Tokyo summer. Here, let me show you just the best thing ever:

You just saw a dinosaur necklace. Don't thank me. It' just the beginning.

Investigation is a great thing. Especially when you live in Japan. So..

1. Pick out of your window
First of all, you should make sure that everything is still alright outside your shelter. If you get a wee bit behind the times and the next thing you know is that you're living the zombie apocalypse, you'd better reconsider your  free time plans.

2. Pack up stuff
My school backpack! Japanese textbooks, a sketchbook, a bottle of white tea, a rabbit-scrunchy, a bb cream and some gum. I'm done. First few days, I used to carry a guidebook with me. I can't recall a single dramatic situation when it somehow helped me though :/ 

3. Investigate
Double check the neighborhood. Sometimes, I understand that I haven't been outside for days. This feeling is wrong. You should always keep up with what happens nearby. As for me, I knew that there is a hidden temple in a minute from home after a month living in Japan.

4. Don't stop

5. Well no, stop.
Buy yourself a big cup of coffee and try to do Something already not to feel worthless at the end of the day. That's the reason why I always carry my Japanese papers and a sketchbook with me (and stickers. Lots of them). 

Don't forget to feed your Rilakkuma.


  1. oh wow you live in such a cool place!! I love all of these photos, and the drawings are just too cute. :)


  2. Are you going to Japan again? Forever?

    1. While Boyfriend is there I'll be there too.
      If we feel like moving to somewhere else, we will. )