Saturday, April 13, 2013


Why, hello there. Now, you can watch me being productive because Boyfriend gave me one of his macBooks (my had 3 cups of coffee in it the last time I handled it) and just installed Photoshop for me!

As he already moved me to his apartment and from that moment on we live together in Tokyo, something special happens everyday (and I don't think about death and cry every single day anymore). So.. pretty much stuff to write about, I guess. Now, it's important not to forget to draw/ take photos/ make notes on a regular basis because if I don't do this right away, I will never get back to it and the moment will be lost forever. 

Anyway, it's been a week since I'm in Tokyo. We've already visited Kanazawa (the pictures are coming soon), watched azaleas in Nezu park and Kwanzan sakura (the super fluffy cherry trees) in Ueno park and I had an opening ceremony in my new school. It means.. pictures! and drawings!

Everything started at the airport though. There my mind was able to maintain only one thought - DON'T  KILL ME, PLANE, pretty please?

But after all, the trip ended quite well; my plush shark was always there for me sitting on my lap all the way to Japan. Also, there was a Japanese guy sitting next to me who was constantly asleep no matter what happened. As fo me, I couldn't sleep at all, so I  decided to watch some movies. First was Ruby Sparks. Interesting idea, but it didn't help --> boring. Then, came Life of Pi. It was just bad. I hate it when authors decide to overshadow a complete absence of sense with the nice special effects.

On Monday 8th, there were entrance ceremonies in all the educational institutions in Japan and my school wasn't an exception. The ceremony lasted for 2 hours and it even wasn't too boring! We even played games. Here's the end of the last game where we should write/draw something on the giant poster which is now hanged on the wall near the teacher's room. If you haven't figured that out yet (rly?), I used blue ink.

Soon, it turned out, that before you start a long term course, you have to repeat all the material that you've ever studied starting with the Subaibaru Japaniizu. Got it? Anyway, here is the first thing that came to my mind:

Another thing I noted was one of the sensei's self introduction (it's not a joke!):

The next day, both Boyfriend and I had a free-from-school day so we hurried to Nezu azaleas garden. After the cherry blossom’s season comes the azaleas season which lasts until May, and Nezu park is the best place to enjoy it because it consists completely of these flowers. However, we didn't see them at their best but we'll definitely come back at the end of the month. Look at these bushes! All of them are expected to turn crimson really soon.

Did you notice the path linded with torii in the background? 
JFYI: a torii is a traditional Japanese gate literally translated as "bird perch" ("tori" means "bird")

Last year, I saw another torii path in Ueno park and decided to take some selfies. Everything went wrong though. It was rainy and crowd-y and WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME, CAMERA?

This time, we heven't gone to Ueno park yet but went to the lake nearby. It was literally framed by the cherry trees which were blooming so intensively although their season was already over. I like the man on the picture, he kind of adds charm to it.

In other news, I've needed some stuff for a moral satisfaction school and the drawing supplies, so I decided that it was a perfect time for a.. SIX-STOREY STATIONERY STORE in Shinjuku. Now, I'm a little silly thing lucky owner of the panda-markers, Japanese ABC stickers, watercolor set and other mysterious though vitally important stuff.

I spend a whole hour in the store and when I left it, I remembered that there was Sturbucks in the nearby high-rise building.. agh I write this bla-bla thing down only because I want to post a picture I made there. Such a ceiling! Unfortunately, there was nothing else to do in this store except for staring upward.

The last funny thing that happened this week is this bun. Why? Because it's the policeman who gave it to us in a "the policemen are your friends" matter. Haha what are you doing, Japan, stop it.

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