Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A bad memory.

Hello there.

It was already night when we got home (as usual). I honestly don't remember what happened, but by the time we reached the appartment I became very upset and started to cry, so I rushed out to the staircase which was located outside the building.

After I got bored to cry, I decided to return to Boyfriend and show him how bad he was! But huh.. Not so easy, Maki. GET THIS:

☆ The door has shut.
It started to rain.
☆ There was nothing on my feet but my socks.

The only way to get back was to go down the stairs, then to get around the building to its front entrance. And whoa, I had no keys. And whoa whoa, all this was happening in Akihabara (FYI: it's one of the famous districts in Tokyo).

What would you've done if you were me? I had a plan, though. First of all, I was up to knocking the heavy steel locked door in hope, that, you know, Somebody will hear me. I failed on this step. Then, I was going to take all the trip down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo.. stairs, then jump from puddle to puddle to the main street where I should stay and wait utill somebody enters the door. 

Oh, Maki, how do you still live on this planet, what is your secret? You're such a loser!
NO I'M NOT! You want to know why? The back door two floors downstairs was opened haha.

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