Tuesday, February 12, 2013

-I think, it's zombies! -Hiide! -Oh, no, it's just grown-ups.-Hiiiiiide!

Every time I start writing a new post I think: "This time I should write something that at least makes sense. ... Meeh."

I feel lost lately, because, you know, strange bad things happen. There are the stickers on my face and this is how I'm going to escape from the problems and who are you to judge me!

Anyway, I want to show you my weird drawings and introduce my recent best friends. 

Here are drawings-wallpapers:
[Feel free to use, but I need feedback.]

 Batwoman in Superman's costume,
Batwoman in Catwoman's costume,
    Batwoman in Batwoman's costume and
  Batwoman in Spiderman's costume.

The Wild West. Insert some rabbits.

And here are the friends:
Well, you've already met the dinosaurs, but now you know, how much I appreciate them. Especially, the diplodocus. Guess, who of them is the diplodocus.


My biggest backpack shark I bought in Harajuku, DokiDoki 6% where I met famous Yuka and Vani. I wanted to take a picture with them, but I was too shy, so I began nagging Boyfriend, but in the next 5 minutes OMG YUKA CAME TO US BY HERSELF AND ASKED IF SHE COULD TAKE A PICTURE OF ME. I glanced at Boyfriend and he asked her the same in return.

My sweater shark we brought with my Mum at the fair this autumn. The shark in the upper right corner is a rattle, but who cares. I recall, how I went to my aunt to visit her baby and brought my rattle shark with me, so, she thought, I wanted to gave it to her toddler, but OH NO IT'S MY RATTLE. DON'T ASK ME ANYTHING.

And the last but not least part of my collection is the creepy little blue thing which I sew myself. Actually, it's a hammerhead shark, but I know you guys got it already.

Now, meet my new ceramic lustrous friend! He is pretty heavy and it's hard to move around the apartment with him in my hands and I'm afraid to break him while asleep. As you can see, he is one of the hard-to-get-along-with guys.

I tried to draw his portrait. Because I love him.

And here I tried to draw Boyfriend's portrait. Because I love him too.

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