Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mermaids overload.

I watched Mermaids the other day and now I feel like "how could I put it off for so long? It's almost as great as "Lawn Dogs"!" Here are some of my favorite scenes:

As for me, I began to mistrust God when I was like 10 and my Dad gave me a children's bible. After reading a few Old Testament stories I was in almost in the same mood as when my Mum decided to confess that there is no such thing in the world like a selfless fat old man riding a herd of magic deer. I locked myself in the lavatory and cried. It was New Year Eve. Was my Mum tormented by her conscience? Or she just ran out of money which is more likely the truth? Anyway, I felt bad. And I felt the same way when I read the bible stories. I came to my Mum and whispered: "What do you take me for?". But when I grew up a little I had a period when I felt very shy and diffident, so when I succeeded in something I used to repeat "Oh, thanks God, I succeeded!" a lot, believing in what i say, without an idea that it can be a merit of my own. I feel better now though. Thanks to my a-little-more-than-necessary religious granny who makes me feel like I'm in a stupid comedy when she starts speaking about Jesus. I'm really sorry, Charlotte. It's all the grown-ups' fault.

RiverIsland dress, pink tight and knee-high socks from somewhere in Akihabara, sunglasses from Koenji, pink rabbit by ZaraHome Kids.

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