Thursday, October 17, 2013

HOW'S IT [news post]

DR RUDY'S HERE! (s o r r y)

I've got a little bit bored writing about our journey to Bhutan. It doesn't mean I'll stop doing it but I just want to take a break for a while.

So, this one is going to be just stupid and funny:

like this video of me speaking enthusiastically about my sharks

oh this one where I.. agh

or "photos of the month" of me and Boyfriend

or just an old picture of me

or my latest drawings!

or this conversation in my Japanese class
So, the teacher asks if any of us have ever been to karaoke in Japan. And this girl and a boy next to her rise their hands. The teacher asks a boy if a girl has a beautiful voice. He says "yes". Then, the teacher asks a girl the same question now about the boy. She says "I don't know".
"How can you not know? You were in karaoke together!"
"Yeah, but he drank a lot and fell asleep."
"So, you were singing alone?"

Also, I saw this cute lady in a kimono drinking coffee in starbucks next to me at 8am

L-R: I'm on my way from school, and it's getting 
dark / a dead moth in a glass  elevator

L-R: a showcase in a cafe "waffles and beer because you deserve it, woman!" / a sushiaya somewhere near Nakano Broadway

L-R: coconut water / apple juice
L-R: a new member of our family aka YOTSUBA riding banana / sugarless 
chewing gums (persimmon, fruits in cream, chestnut and chocolate)

L-R: I'm / actually
L-R: trying to / DRAW

L-R: a baby pumpkin / a curved baby pumpkin
L-R: a boxful of baby pumpkins / a baby pumpkin swastika

L-R: hello / zines in a bookstore
L-R: my upgraded moleskine / another pair of zines 

Mm.. what else did I forget to tell you?..

My socks have ducks on them!, not that.

These socks have socks on them!


The next news will be about Japan. The strongest typhoon in 10 years came to Tokyo. 14 people were found dead, police are searching for the missing and the storm continues to flood the houses and cause a traffic chaos. The trains stopped, several flights were called off, and many schools are closed for today. Even my classes were cancelled

So, yes. Today we "refrained from going outside" and it was good. I, finally, put everything I wanted to put together in the post and drew without being distracted by anyone.

I wore a rilakkuma hat the last three days and that's what it led to. Sturbucks staff drew the bears on my coffee cups each time I went there. Now I'm interested in what's next. Will she continue drawing bears on my cups? Anyway, I'll definitely write about it later).


  1. Wow!Where did you get shark sweater?From dokidoki too?

    1. no! it's a no name brand, they don't even have a website, only a facebook page
      i got their sweater by chance actually :)

    2. So how did you get it?
      Do more video!You're cute.I'll wait for your videos.I hope one day I will hear your real voice :3

    3. i bought it at a flea market more than a year ago. my mum noticed it and pointed out to me)