Sunday, October 20, 2013


my bedroom in my mum's apartment

Things started to get weird in my Japanese school. I already mentioned a couple of funny moments on my blog and also on twitter. But there are still few of them which i haven't posted anywhere yet. So, now i want to keep them together.

Put the verb in brackets in the right form:

"A friend of mine told me that someone [to touch] her ass in the  train."

"A thief [to brake into] my house last night.
 What?! Did he steal something?
 He stole the money and.. the manga!"

"Sensei: A-san skipped school yesterday, right?
 Student: No, sensei, he was [to hit] by a car."

Then, these sensei-student dialogs that happened last week: 

"Sensei: Students! What do you like most, Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disney Sea?
 Sensei: Well, as for me, I prefer Disney Sea. Why? Well, they sell beer there."

"Sensei: Students! Tell me, why did you choose our school?
 A girl: My mother told me to go here. So, I'm here.
 Sensei: Your mother told you and you just obeyed, is that all?
 A girl: Hmm, yes.
 later on, same girl
 Sensei: Well, how do you find your life here in Japan?
 A girl: I enjoy it.
 Sensei: Can you describe why?
 A girl: My mother isn't here."

my Japanese classroom

Don't know if it makes sense but I find all these small dialogs so much fun. I always write them down into my sketchbook (because  it's always open) to show them to Boyfriend after school.


  1. it's always fun to make notes of funny conversations - especially ones as memorable as these! love your blog <3

    1. oh, thank you, you're so sweet.
      btw i like your clothes!