Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Village of the wild plum

Interesting stuff about the translation of the original name of Bangkok.

The elections in Moscow have come to an end (pretty depressing and suspicious end), so we packed up to head to Bhutan without feeling that we did something wrong.

On our way to Paro (the only town that has an international airport in the whole of Bhutan) we had a transit stop in Bangkok where we spent almost a day and had an opportunity to visit some shrines in the centre of the city.

We chose to go to the Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) because it was one of the famous and most attractive places in Bangkok according to Boyfriend.

It really was. As we got there, Boyfriend started to contemplate why the shrine complexes of Bangkok aren't really famous around the world, "it's not even protected by UNESCO". But soon, we started to notice the modern marble slabs at the temple's bases, the workers were painting the ceilings gold using paper stencils, and the modern glasses from the shrine's walls were falling off (the production of the original glasses was over in the last century). I read about the reconstructions of the complex: there were four restorations; the last one was like thirty years ago. Now I think that's the reason UNESCO don't want them. 

But the complex looked awesome anyway. It goes to show that even in the poor countries people are capable to follow architectural traditions.

When we came to another big shrine and took off our shoes leaving them before the enter, it started to rain so heavily (oh hi there the monsoon season!) that the downpour didn't stop for another hour or more.

For 5 minutes we were exploring the temple but then got bored and started to think over the escape plan. Why not to run out of this dry and warm place in a random direction without any idea where the exit is.

When we already were all thoroughly soaked, Boyfriend remembered that we actually had a map with us. So, after he studied it for some time, a brilliant idea came to his mind. "There!" he said and we were again running under the rainfall to the direction he chose. When we finally got under the roof, a guard man appeared just before us and with the words "NO EXIT" pointed to the just opposite direction. 

I already prepared a speech to deliver which should've started with "GIVE ME DAD MAP, YOU!" but then I remembered that that was a Boyfriend and Boyfriend is inviolable, so we just silently headed to the new direction.

The complex was 45 minutes away from the airport by car but it took us more than 2 hours to get back as we stuck in a huge traffic jam. I later read that the traffic problem is one of the things Bangkok is famous for. And that's funny because according to wiki
Bangkok is the seat of all branches of the national governmentTheGovernmentHouseParliamentHouse and Supreme, Administrative and Constitutional Courts are all located within the city. Bangkok is the site of the Grand Palace and Chitralada Villa, respectively the official and de facto residence of the king. Most government ministries also have headquarters and offices in the capital.
Frankly speaking, the one good thing they've done is the system of intersection bypasses and elevated highways. But it's built almost on the outskirts of the city and it doesn't solve the problem in the centre anyhow.

So what is the occupation of the king? Well, actually, I heard about a couple of the obligations of his majesty. Like to give the different types of orders..
On May 2010 there was a demonstration which ended with 92 deaths of armed and unarmed protesters and journalists.
And these kinds of things..
Only the Thai King is allowed to touch the statue of the Emerald Buddha. The King changes the cloak around the statue three times a year, corresponding to the summer, winter, and rainy seasons, an important ritual performed to usher good fortune to the country during each season.
"To usher good fortune to the country" because you must do this stuff somehow.

P. S. Airport photos!

3 am and "Goood moorning!"
from my backpack-kitten
cute-looking Thai coke

cute-looking milk which I didn't buy 

because I don't like milk

but I really like these tiny bottles >_<
cute-looking sunrise

and a cute-looking plastic capsule of water.

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