Monday, February 17, 2014

Pink pigtails

Almost three years ago I bought my first pink wig. I came to a fancy dresses shop with a girlfriend and saw it and put it on and fell in love with it. But! I had no money, so I needed..


hehe (¬ ‿ ¬) 

However, there were several problems with it:
  • I had long hair, and there was almost no space under the wig to fit them underneath.
  • I couldn't make pink braids, because the wig wasn't long enough.
  • It was getting too uncomfortable after several hours of wearing it.
And then ideas started to pop into my mind. Should I dye my hair pink? But how about ~all natural~ thing? Moreover, I'll probably damage my hair. And I also will need to dye my hair roots every two weeks.  So, I'd been postponing it for a v long time.

It was November 12 when I tweeted about my "future plans": 
  • pink hair!
  • braces!
  • new rollers skates (I hope, they have size 39)!

But then again, I was scared. Boyfriend told me to think well about it, but he also said he will be ok with it if I decide to finally dye them.

We came to his favorite hair salon, where he always does his haircut, and asked them to dye my hair pink and pointed to the pink sampler they gave to us. They dyed my hair, they did. But what they did NOT do was bleach my dark blond hair first. I cried so hard when I saw the result, I didn't want to take off my beanie. I couldn't understand why, but Boyfriend liked my new hair. I still wanted to cry (and at the first time did) every time I passed the mirror though. 

Here's a picture from the after-halloween morning (I'm a rilakkuma girlfriend, if you didn't get it), you can see my i-don't-even-know-how-to-call-this-colour hair:

A couple of months passed when I woke up one Monday morning and told Boyfriend straight away: "I want my hair pink! But, like, for real this time."

We came to that salon again, but this time I took a picture with me, and Boyfriend made sure they understood that they need to bleach me first.

Bleached! Boyfriend said I looked like this (◕‿◕✿):

Everything seemed ok, so when Boyfriend said he needed to go, I said "Alright, you can go." He double checked that the colour I was going to be dyed was pink ("this is a pink hair-dye, right?") and then he left.

AND THE NIGHTMARE BEGAN. They dyed my hair, then washed it several times with shampoo and all the other things, and then I looked at myself in the mirror and saw this:

You know, there's this infinite question "Why do old women dye their hair purple?". Obv, I don't know the answer, but what I know is that I saw a purple-dyed granny for the first time in Moscow when I was 4. And the last I saw a purple-dyed granny was not so long ago in Tokyo. They're everywhere, it's not a myth!

When it was time to blow-dry my new hair, the owner of the salon came to me.
"So.. you think it's not pink?"  
WHAT? IS IT A JOKE? "Well, it's purple, it's grey, but it's definitely not pink, right." 
"Oh, it's because we didn't have a pink hair-dye, we only had this one, but your hairdresser thought it'll be ok." 
"You can come here every day, and we'll try to wash this colour off, and then we'll dye your hair pink on Friday when we receive the right hair-dye." 
"You know my number? Call me and tell what time will be convenient for you." 
"Here, take this shampoo, it's a present from my salon! Call me!"
She even sent us a letter in english:

To Mikhail Svetov and GirlFriend:
"I'm Tagawa Misako. TimTagawa (the name of the hair salon) chief. 
This time is very sorry. 
Please you call me Friday.
Because, I work outside studio Aoyama on Wednesday and Thursday.
If Mikhail calls me on Wednesday or Thursday OK.
Because Mikhail speaks Japanese.
Please, call us. We'll wait your call us."
Of course, we never called.

"Why why why is this happening to me? What's wrong with this place?!" I got on a train and hurried to meet Boyfriend.
"Neeeeh .·´`(>▂<)´`·."
"What is it? What's wrong? I wasn't able to go online.""Look what they did to my hair! I look like a little granny!""... What happened? Why did they do this to you?""Neeeeh .·´`(>▂<)´`·." 
It was almost 8pm. Harajuku. Boyfriend was as angry as I was sad.
"Choose a place, and we'll go there, wash this granny-colour off and make it pink, ok?"
But it wasn't that easy. My hair were bleached and dyed an hour ago, and there was only one way to make them pink  bleach them again and then dye them again. How will my hair look like after all this?

We came to a hair salon in front of our gym, and Boyfriend explained the situation to the stuff. They said they'll try their best, cut off a lock of my hair (to try different kinds of dyeing) and asked us to come the next day.

The hairdressers were no less than magicians. They didn't dye me again but tried to wash the purple off with a special shampoo. Then, they dyed it pink without letting my hair dry, to make them light pink, as I asked.

I tried hard not to burst into tears right on the chair, because I was worried that the stuff will misapprehend the situation.

Now, my hair have a perfect shade of pink (lots of shades actually, because some locks still remained purple), not damaged at all. And I now can make pink pigtails! Because why to dye hair if not to make varicoloured pigtails!

P.S. Hmm.. This incident at the first hair salon. it's still a mystery for us, what happened there. Why, keeping in mind that they didn't have the right hair dye, they said they had it and dyed my hair purple? I know about this japanese feature not to tell the bad news till the dead end. For instance, a japanese guy won't tell you he can't go to Disneyland with you on  this weekend. When the time will come, he'd rather ask you to postpone it for a week and the next weekend he'll tell you that he won't go, apologizing a lot. Never mind, that every one would've win if he'd told that he can't do it right away. Was the situation the same with that hair salon? I will never know. But my hair are finally pink (no more purple/violet no no) and you'll see more pictures of my pink pigtails on instagram soon. OINK!

P.P.S. Another hair-dye colour I like as much as pink is Coraline's blue!

(I don't think it'll look good on me though. At least I have the same yellow gumboots as her!)

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