Monday, February 24, 2014

Where are we?

Kia ora, guys! (just google)

We arrived to Auckland  and having a jet lag and a cultural shock after Tokyo. The first impression was like "Too many aggressive extroverts. People on the streets want something from you? *Brain collapses*". However, i'm feeling better today (is it because i haven't gone outside yet?), and it already seems to me that things are going to be ok in the nearest future (and the whole perspective looks pretty good). I mean, look at this new zealand passport holders visa requirements map!

My mornings will start (earlier than Boyfriend's which is nice, i don't like to/just can't sleep more then 5-6 hours) with a coffee to go, gum and a long-long walk up/down hills to my university. I compare my ~passion~ to coffee and gum to drinking alcohol / smoking cigarettes habits. I especially like chewing gum when i drink coffee, like some people smoke only when they drink duh. I even suspect that i chew gum in the same situations as smoking person would reach for a cigarette.

My first day as a Fine Arts student is tomorrow, so when just arrived, we went to look at what our places of study look like. Here's our favorite spot:

The clock tower (Old Arts Building) on the City campus

And here's the emblem of the University of Auckland: kiwi! stars! book with a cute cover!

Truth is, there's always been a problem between me and socialization. Even if i don't find anyone who i could be friends with, it would be perfectly fine if i could just stay by myself. The problem is that people don't usually leave you alone. They start asking you questions/making fun of you + you risk to be remembered/treated as a creep. And that's just how every public educational institution work, *sigh*.

Anyway, tomorrow i'll officially be a student, so today i want to write about another favorite artist of mine (it's supposed to help me not to feel nervous so much) whose art Boyfriend showed me when i first came to his apartment. 


i realized, i saw his work once when i was 15 but i didn't know who the author was and there was no google picture search back then. 

His skills is the first thing people talk about when they talk about Dino Valls. Actually, it often upsets me when I see attractive ideas but the technique is lacking. For example, all Shintaro Kago's drawings from the "Art of Shintaro Kagoseries (we have two complete collections of these little albums ^_^). He has several good looking posters, but the drawings from his albums are just 10-minutes sketches.

And sometimes, there's nothing but good skills which I also find depressing.

Dino Valls is nothing like that. He's a full set. He's flawless. I adore how he decided to imitate the techniques from the 15-17 centuries. He even uses egg tempera!

From now on I'll call myself a pagan, but only artists will be my gods.

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