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The most frequent question I get, along with "what's wrong with you?", is "can you send me this list of your favorite movies about girls?" The answer is always "er ok", however, every time this question appears in my ask box (or wherever else), I think of finally starting to write about them here.

I'm a kind of person who enjoys watching somebody's (especially girls') stories, to observe their behaviors, to mark their oddities etc. That's why I can rewatch movies countless times without getting bored once they become my favorites. I like to literally "learn how to live" from the protagonists of this movies. I'm a bunch of girls.

The first three movies are about not-really-mentally-normal girls?

s t o k e r

Young girl + her uncle appearing from nowhere =
cannibalism, piano lessons, saddle shoes and ice-cream

How cool is that Chan Wook Park, aka the director of the Oldboy, was the one who got the screenplay out of the "Black List" of best unproduced screenplays and directed it by himself turning it to eye candy!

So, India Stoker loses her father whom she was very attached to, and had no choice but to live with her kinda crazy mother. Then, the uncle Charlie appears, and the fun begins. They're now partners in crime (but literally), they eat people's flesh together, play piano together, she masturbates on how he murders her schoolmate with the belt, and then she enters the game.

p.s. she could be really good pals with Kevin (from the "We need to talk about Kevin") .


Good point, especially when you advocates the legalization of shooting/selling/buying pornography.

t i d e l a n d

A twelvie + drug addicted parents (dead) = hanging with retarded strangers in the company of the talking barbie heads and squirrels

The most disturbing movie with a little girl as a protagonist I've ever watched. Although, the film made me feel strange/confused/depressed, after thinking over it for a couple of days (or weeks, i can't really remember as I watched it a long time ago) I realized that I'm in awe and rated it 8 (= "wow i like it!").

The main character is a twelvie named Jeliza-Rose, a daughter of the drug addicts who die leaving her at her own. However, she doesn't realize that her father is dead even when he begins to decompose (I warned ya!), and continues spending her days chatting with the barbie heads and squirrels until she meets her autistic neighbor and his witch-like sister. Boom. Adventure time.

p.s. i like this "movie experience" review, 90% agree:
I have never been so terrorized while watching a movie. The tension in this film is so greatly created but it makes you want to leap out of your seat, dash down the aisle, and never think about kissing again. I felt the need to take a long, hot shower after this film, as it left almost a pile of dirt on each my shoulders. 
When coming out of movies, I can usually express right away the emotional turnout the film provided but this left me bewildered, stunned, shocked, more adjectives. 
The art direction was probably some of the most beautiful I've seen, but it's hard to appreciate a film when you keep turning away and groaning in agony at what could happen next. I suggest seeing the film, as it is masterfully done and quite beautiful, but be prepared to be repulsed and saddened by all that you see.

l a w n  d o g s

An odd 10 years old from a wealthy family a poor lawn guy living in the woods escaping from reality

The film is about listening to what this little girl, Devon Stockard, has to say and watch all the things she thinks she has to do, whether it's putting a fly on a cookie instead of a raisin,  or urinating on a windshield of a car, or howling at the full moon on the rooftop naked, or walking down the road shoeless.

This movie is also about being an outcast labeled "trash" and treated respectively, living life in a trailer in the woods aka Baba Yaga house (Devon said it!) and not being able to afford anything but afterwork beer. Everything will be ok though, she will help the guy to escape from his life even if the help of the gun will be needed.

All three films are about exchanging. Girls vs Men. They open something in each other, show each other things they didn't know before. And it's the most beautiful thing from both points of view. A little girl giving a man something he was missing. A man realizing he purely enjoys spending time with a girl without feeling bored.

These films were rated R (Restricted. Children under 17 require accompanying parent or adult guardian), by the way. Cruelty, disturbance, violence,  offensive language. Why to show your kids all that when you can just throw them to school! I got it. But also: you're wrong.

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