Monday, January 20, 2014

A house of our own.

"Black is traditional, but if you prefer red..." The Other Mother.

Another day spent at home makes me want to go outside and do things. Meet people, make friends. I start feeling lonely and useless. I need the action so much, that it frighten me to picture myself somewhere not in a big city. What will I occupy myself with?

When I begin feeling myself this way, I come to Boyfriend, he calls out our japanese friends for me, and every time we meet, the same thing happens: "Maybe, we shouldn't have done that? I don't feel like meeting anyone..." And that's not because I don't like some particular people or I'm not in the mood. Most of the times, I don't regret spending time with not-my-boyfriend people afterwards. It's either "How great, that we finally met!" or "It was fun. But I think, I'm done with meeting people for at least another couple of months."

Thinking about it more, I realize, that a big crowded city is not a solution for what I want. I need attention, I'm a huge attention seeker, but at the same time I understand that, somehow, there is nothing to deal with meeting people, be surrounded by them. <= The reason, we move to New Zealand this month, by the way.

I like imagine myself in a house somewhere in the suburban, decorating my own room (well, since I can't have my own bedroom (=weird), I'll call it a parlor!) with my Trevor Brown's posters, spending time in an immense Boyfriend's library, writing reviews of his albums and books. I want him to have a room where he could have an easy access to all his shirts and funny socks and hats (in our apartment in Tokyo we keep most of our clothes under the bed or under the table, unpacked). It's another reason why we're moving to Auckland - I like to think of it as of the finish line of our moving, the place, where we finally will be able to unpack all the things we have!

that's totally us

I'll study Fine Arts there in less then a month! Which I still can't believe in. Do these things happen in real life? You can draw and create everyday all day/night and that's all everybody will need from you?! Awesome! So now, I have these Coraline vibes which I gonna write about today.

I watched this movie almost two years ago. I watched it 7 or 8 times, had all I could have from their official website, which you all have to visit (I even download some of their official wallpapers and posters from there, sorry for this revelation), learned all I could about the making process, watched deleted scenes and even read Mr. B's blog. It's called "to get obsessed" and I knew, I was. But most of all I was (am!) obsessed with Henry Selick Himself. When he speaks about his work...

"The relationship between the creators and their puppets is the complicated one."

"Looking at it from the puppets point of view.."

I love dearly these silver-haired, slender Creators when they speak passionately about their works. And Henry Selick, he is one of these few men whose hands I want to kiss and then sit in the corner not far from them, unnoticed, just watching them work. I find them so vulnerable, touching, though endlessly fascinating. By now it's only Henry Selick and Trevor Brown whom I want to do these things to. And also all the Renaissance sculptors. Pity they are all dead. Is Tim Minchin silver-haired yet?

I want these wallpapers!

But what I want to speak about is  the Coraline's house, because there's a lot of interior details which inspire me when I dream about how my own house will look one day.

First of all, both Coraline's bedrooms, real and the other one. Wooden dragonflies all over the bed! A plush squid! A planets thingy and a chest in the second picture! And this bay window on the right of the pictures is my dream since I was 14.

Let's look at the details. A universe night light is the thing I dream about from the moment I learnt that these things are real (I'll dream about it till somebody buy me this, even if I'll be 45 by then). I hate insects even more than Boyfriend, but the mantis photo holder is definitely a cool thing to have.

Just two words: Glazed Patio.

Another important thing, that I'll always adore and that is captured in this film so well is the Coraline's place in the parents-children relationship. I like to imagine myself this character girl whose parents are always busy and she'll have to explore the world all by herself, feeling sorry for herself during the breaks. Will never happen to me though. My parents divorced when I was 11 + my Mum lives in Russia and she's unemployed (I just realized that that's enough for self-pity. The thing about exploring the world is also matches. God).

Also: red english wallpapers are a killer.


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