Monday, January 13, 2014

GIRLS!!! again.

I suck at writing diary entries. I do. That's why today I'm just going to introduce you one of my favorite photographers who shoot girls. And I think, the girl series are the best in her portfolio. How can it be that I'm still not a lesbian? *cough*

Guys, meet Julia Fullerton-Batten, a photographer from Germany, who has been living in UK since she was 16. She also studied photography there.

This post I want to dedicate to her four parts of the photo series about a girl's transition to a woman.

The first part is called "Teenage stories". All the girls were street casted, no training, she just told them to stay motionless. The girls are shown oversized, because the author wanted to "stress the significance of the act of day-dreaming in a young girl's mind". Does she even realize, how well she understands the whole idea? To daydream as much as to imbue the events from everyday life with sacred meaning are the inseparable parts of every girl's life.

The second part is called "School play" where Julia shows the schoolgirls relationships in two different cultures. European schoolgirls look much more messier than their asian alternative. I like it. I like detailed stories.

The third one, "In Between", is another stage in transition from a girl to an adult. It's the only part where the girls are captured in motion. In very dynamic motion. And I can only quote the artist's statement, 'cause she (as I already mentioned before) understands it perfectly:
These images return to showing the girls alone. Emphasizing once more that though the girls' physical and emotional changes are revealed very publicly, a teenage girl is in fact always alone with her metamorphosis.

The last part is the "Awkward" part. Here you will find it all: the lack of understanding the situation, the lack of social skills, uncomfortableness and emotional isolation in a big bubble of tension which is going to burst. Enjoy.

P.S. Honestly, it's my least favorite part. I neither like the style of the photographs nor do I like the design of the settings. But the idea remains great for me.

And here is another load of my favorite photographs from the commissioned projects:

These two photos were shot for the Best Life Magazine. It's a Men's Health subsidiary if you didn't know.

If i got it right here, the customer for this photograph was Varivax, the chickenpox vaccines. Nya!

These all are from personal projects:


And these three were commissioned by this issue of the Telegraph Magazine. The model (Estela Andres) is 6 years old!

In other words, you'd better buy this:

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