Thursday, January 23, 2014

Me me me.

Today, I feel strange. I can feel either ok or strange, because I'm bad at reflexing. We're moving from Tokyo in three weeks, and it was only yesterday when I really thought about it. It was the day when I went to the new Trevor Brown's exhibition (it was not really his, but all exhibitions which he takes part in are his, really) and right after that, one more time (third) to his old one. I realized, that I'll miss Japan more than I thought I would. I'll probably cry at Azuma's birthday this saturday. I've been living in Tokyo with Boyfriend for almost a year and I honestly like it here. But I also know, that I can't stay here for any longer, because I want to study drawing so bad I want to cry (and I  often cried about it). The problem is, I can't do it in Japan before I learn Japanese and pass the exam. I cried like a baby repeating "I don't wanna study Japanese, I wanna draw!" So, yeah, New Zealand. An island country in the middle of nowhere with the population of 4,5 million people. So far so good! But also: "sigh".

here is a sneak peek into my portfolio which I had to send to my future uni a month ago (I think some people asked me to show it. I won't show the whole thing, though (=awkward)):

"las conquistadoras" [A3, black pen]

"hurrying to a party" [A3, black/white pens, black watercolor]

"dinosaur vs shark" [papier-mâché, watercolors, white gouache]

“a baby mermaid” [papier-mâché, nail polish]

the pictures I took in Bhutan. Part 1: "children"

“in a coffee shop”. 
This is a scene from the cafe where I buy coffee almost everyday. Only, I don’t forget to put my shoes on, staff members are not robots, people drink their coffees at the tables and no ghosts wait for their turns. The bear beanie is real though!

 "coffee princess guarded by ghosts"

characters 1/3: "before classes"


I was impressed when the university didn't ask me to write why I chose them in the explanatory note, because this part of the applying process makes me sick the most. However, it turned out to be shitty anyway.
I enjoy all kinds of creative activity: drawing, making papier-mâché sculptures, taking pictures, writing comics. I like to go to the concerts, art galleries, travel to the new places in search of the new ideas for drawings. However, one of my problems is that I usually have several ideas in my head which I want to draw all at once as soon as possible, and sometimes it can affect the quality of my work (I was too shy to say always). But at the same time, I get a lot of satisfaction from spending days carefully drawing the details when I know it's worth it.

My favorite artists are William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Gustave Doré, Alfons Mucha, Trevor Brown, Satoshi Kon, Hayao Miyazaki, Julia Pott, Sally Mann, Edward Gorey (Forgot to mention at least 20 more). Their techniques and ideas leave me speechless. I love everything about them, they are my greatest sources of inspiration!

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